More hints of Spring

Monday 18th February 2013

I put the 100mm macro lens on the camera when I took the dogs over to Upton Heath this morning. I didn’t realise quite how windy it was though, so struggled to get any shots. I did spot this honeysuckle: growing wild and starting to shoot.

Honeysuckle Bud

And I took the opportunity to bring some more colour to this blog by taking a photo of some of the gorse.

Gorse Blossom

I’m pleased to say that, although still muddy in places, the Heath is starting to dry out. This was also the second walk where I tried out my new camera strap. I’ve bought a Black Rapid, RS-7 Curve to use when out walking. I’m tired of getting shoulder / neck ache from the camera, and of missing shots because it’s draped over my shoulder and gets caught on my coat/bag/arm as I try to quickly pull it into position. The strap was expensive, in my opinion, but I’m absolutely loving it.


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