The rain is back!

Thursday 7th March 2013

And with it the mud. Jez seems to be improving, but she doesn’t like walking in heavy rain at the best of times, so once again it was just me and Max. I had been planning on taking him to Canford Heath until I got in the car and saw how heavy the rain was, so we went to Delph Woods in Broadstone instead. At least there we had some measure of cover.

Rather than park in the Woods themselves, as we normally do, I parked in Broadstone and walked Max up the Castleman Trailway.

Max on the Castleman Trailway, Broadstone

The Trailway takes us past Broadstone Golf Club. As you can see, the golfers were undeterred by the weather, although I’m surprised they could see the green at the end of the fairway.

The rain didn't deter the golfers

Max didn’t care though. Once in the woods he had fun playing in the ponds…

Max in the pond at Delph Woods

…and in the stream.

Playing in the stream


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