And Jez came too

Friday 23rd August 2013

Another warm day, although starting to cool a little ahead of the Bank Holiday week-end. My day was a bit turned around. As we’re away at our God-daughter’s wedding in Oxfordshire this weekend I did my main weekly cleaning this morning while Chris walked the dogs. So by the time the afternoon came around Jez decided that she would come out for a walk with me. We only went over to Upton Heath, but it was a nice little walk nevertheless.

Jez wanted to cut up the footpath to the Castleman Trailway, rather that go on the Heath at the main entrance at the corner of Beechbank Avenue. She keeps wanting to do this of late, which is a bit of a pain as Max has decided he doesn’t like going that way. So I’m a long way up the footpath before he’ll decide that he needs to come after us. He just sits at the start of the footpath and stares at us. Anyway, we eventually got onto the Trailway.

Castleman Trailway at Creekmoor

I’ve not got many photos today. There is this one of Jez sitting waiting for treats while Max is in the pond.

Jez has a rest and waits for treats

And Jez and Max in Creekmoor Ponds on the way home (yes, Max had rolled in something again, so I dunked him then shampooed him when I got home).

Time to cool down and clean off

Here’s Max clutching his cones in his mouth. Sometimes he gets a bit confused and forgets to drop them.

Sometimes Max forgets he's supposed to drop his cones when he's fetched them

This especially happens when there are other dogs around. Today there was a Labrador, who was busy with a big stick, and a 9 month old Labradoodle that was a total bundle of energy and never stopped. I tried to get a photo, but in vain…

Jez goes to investigate the blur that is a young Labradoodle



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