The Bride looked stunning

Saturday 24th August 2013

I apologise that I am nearly a week behind with my posts, but this is the reason. On Saturday we went to Oxfordshire to see our God-daughter, Lucy, married to Jamma (James).

First though, we had to drop the dogs off with my Dad and Pat. I think packing for them was as fraught as packing for us. I wrote out feeding instructions and packaged all the food up by day, by dog. It was the first time we have ever left them overnight, and we were a bit apprehensive. It wasn’t that I didn’t think the dogs would behave, but the last time Dad and Pat looked after them for the day Pat tripped over Jez and broke her teeth and cut her face open.

Anyway, on with the wedding. The day was very cloudy, but fortunately the promised rain and thunderstorms never made an appearance. And to be honest, cloud cover is far better for photos than bright sunshine. Over 2 days and 2 cameras I managed to take 291 photos, but don’t worry, I ended up selecting 101 from the day of the wedding to edit, of which I am only going to share a few with you here. Eventually they will all go on Flickr though.

First off, here is my cousin, Linda (Mother of the Bride) entering the church with her son, Rick.

The Mother of the Bride makes an entrance

The Bride, Lucy, arriving at the church.

Untangling the train

That Rolls was fabulous. The person untangling Lucy’s train in the photo is Leon, who is married to an old friend of the family. He works for Rolls Royce and was able to borrow the Rolls for the occasion. I’m told it costs £350,000 to buy.

Lucy and Jamma leaving the church. I’m in the background throwing confetti (Chris took this photo).

Leaving the church

The Bride. Her dress was stunning.

The Bride

The Bride and Groom.

Champagne time

And then it was onto the reception, which was held just outside Stow in the Wold, in the Cotswolds.

Here’s me and my cousin, Linda. We were given Mojitos on our arrival, which is what Linda had in her hand. And that’s the dress I’ve sweated so hard this past month to get into.

The Reception

Me and Chris.

The Reception

Linda and Paul, the Bride’s parents.

The Reception

Have you spotted that Linda is wearing a different hat to the one she had on in church? She and Paul called in at home on the way to the reception and she managed to leave her hat behind, so when she got to the church she had to borrow her sister-in-law’s.

Lucy and Chris.

The Reception

Chris and Paul chatting.

The Reception

While we were standing on the terrace of the hotel I spotted some of the children playing down by the fence. I took one shot, and then as I watched they turned and ran towards me. I was really pleased with this shot.

The Reception

I was even more pleased with the next one, when the eldest of the three decided to try and get some of the conkers out of a nearby tree.

The Reception

I’ll leave you with one last shot – the Bride and Groom cutting the cake.

The Reception


4 thoughts on “The Bride looked stunning

  1. Your post makes me miss the UK! I am a US native but my better half is from Nottingham, and we have visited a few times. We’ll be attending a wedding near London in 2015 — hope that it is as gorgeous as the one you attended! (and, yes, the bride is stunning!)

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