Blackberry time

Friday 6th September 2013

Max and I went over Canford Heath for our walk this morning. The weather forecast for today was not good and the skies over the Heath tell a story. But it was warmer than forecast and fortunately we didn’t get rained on today.

Grey skies over the track

As it is the weekend I thought I’d treat us to a blackberry and apple crumble. There are lots of blackberries around, and for some reason people don’t seem to be picking as many as usual. It may be because many of them are quite small and so don’t look quite so inviting. They taste nice though. And in places it is possible to find some slightly larger ones.

Time to pick a few blackberries

Max likes blackberries too, and 3 years ago I taught him to pick his own, although normally I have to point them out to him.

Max picks his own blackberries

It was a good walk. We came home with a bag of blackberries and a bag of cones. And the good thing about walking dogs is that you’ve always got a bag in your back pocket that you can use for foraging.

By the way, the blackberry and apple crumble was scrummy.

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