Watch out for those spiders Jez!

Saturday 7th September 2013

It’s the week-end and so I was walking the dogs in the afternoon today. I say ‘dogs’ as Jez had stayed in bed in the morning while I cleaned, and so came out with me and Max in the afternoon. As usual on a Saturday afternoon we went over to Upton Heath, although this week I decided to drive them over to make sure that we actually got there.

Once on the Heath Jez headed up the Roman Road towards Broadstone.

Jez heads up the Roman Road

So Max and I followed. Of course, Jez can’t quite manage to get up to the viewpoint near Beacon Road without having a little rest en route.

Time for a short rest

But after her rest we continued on, where I snapped this photo at the viewpoint.

Upton Heath

This one of the gorse and heather was taken nearby.

Gorse and Heather

It was quite warm, but even so I had a coat with me as there were some big black clouds around.

Rain Threatens

We came down across the centre of the Heath, and Jez got hot and couldn’t wait to get to their normal pond to cool down. Instead she chose this boggy one.

Watch out for those raft spiders Jez

I tried to warn her that there might be raft spiders in there big enough to eat a Jezebel dog, but she took no notice. Fortunately, she did go in the larger, cleaner pond afterwards. Here she is after she’s had a bit of a wash off.

Waiting for treats

And to finish, Max in the pond, waiting for me to throw a cone for him.

Newly clipped


One thought on “Watch out for those spiders Jez!

  1. Another gloriously beautiful walk for me today – this one in my imagination! Great photos of Jez and Max. I just had to pin the one of Jez onto my “I Love Dog!” Pinterest page.

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