Jez doesn’t do rain

Sunday 8th September 2013

The forecast was for showers on and off throughout the day. Jez stayed home with me in the morning while Chris took Max out. I was baking bread and catching up with editing photos, sorting out my Flickr sets and trying to catch up with my blog (as you may have noticed). In the afternoon it was sunny but there were a lot of dark clouds around. Consequently I put my waterproof on and drove the dogs over to Asda on Canford Heath so that we could walk up the red brick path to the Heath. The advantage of that route is that if it does come onto rain we can do a lot of the walk under the cover of trees.

At the top of the red brick path is the pond that Max is so fond of. With so little rain this summer though, the pond is steadily shrinking. Which, of course, means that it’s just getting muddier.

The pond is steadily shrinking

It had been dry all the way up the red brick path, but while I was taking that photo it came onto rain. Heavily. Jez doesn’t do rain. Jez especially doesn’t do heavy rain. I’m not sure I’m that keen either. So Jez and I took shelter under a nearby silver birch tree.

Jez and I shelter from the rain under a birch tree

Max doesn’t care about the rain though.

Max doesn't care about a drop of rain

He just want to go on playing and getting covered in mud.

A wet muddy dog wants me to throw his cone

When the rain eased off a little we headed up in the direction of Hotchkiss Cross, sheltering under a big fir tree on the way until the last of the rain died away. By the time we got to Hotchkiss itself the sun out.

Sun's out at Hotchkiss Cross

So that Jez’s walk would be too long today I continued up Longfleet Drive, where I took this photo of the sun shining through the trees.

Dappled sunlight through the trees along Longfleet Drive

Once you get to the top of the hill along Longfleet the trees give way to heath again. This shot of Max gives you a good clue as to what the weather was like this afternoon.

Sun and cloud at the top of Longfleet Drive

By this time, having taken ages to walk up the red brick path earlier, Jez was getting pretty tired, so we headed in the direction of the clean pond to wash Max off again. Even so, Jez was lagging behind a lot.

Poor Jez lags behind as usual

She perked up once she’d been in the pond though, and and trotted off ahead of me down the redbrick path, before shooting off into a new area that she hadn’t explored before. Fortunately she didn’t go far and I soon managed to get her back. Little tinker!

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