Monday morning on Upton Heath

Monday 9th September 2013

And Jez came too! Well it was bin day, but she decided she was coming before Chris even started to think about putting the bin out. As it was a Monday and cloudy, ie not quite so warm, I thought I’d try walking the dogs over again rather than driving. This time Jez was quite happy to go and led the way. When we got to the Heath they had a bit of a surprise as there were two wreaths attached to the gate.

Wreaths attached to the gate onto Upton Heath

Max totally ignored them, but Jez wasn’t too sure and took a while to work up the courage to approach them and check them out.

Jez's curiosity gets the better of her

I have to admit to not being sure who they are for, but as far as I can make out it is someone who walked on the Heath regularly.

Once we got up on the old railwayline we met Archie, a 10 month old Airdale Terrier. His owner kept him on the lead as he’s a bit bouncy. He’s a lovely dog though. I took this photo for my Dad, who has been saying recently that he never sees any Airdales these days.

Archie, a 10 months old Airdale Terrier

For there we walked round to the pond where we met Bobby, a Jack Russell we know, with his owner. While Max was in the pond and I was standing chatting Jez went off to explore around the far side of the pond, but then decided that all she wanted to do was sit down and gaze across the heath.

Jez sits behind the pond

That might have had something to do with the fact that Bobby’s owner was telling me he saw a family group of roe deer in that area a few days ago. Fortunately they weren’t there when Jez looked.

Once we left the pond we walked back to the old railway line, where we met Carol with her dogs and 3 others that she was walking, plus another lady with a 9 month old chocolate labrador, and Bindi the deaf Dalmation and his owner. This photo is of Carol with 4 of the dogs.

We met Carol on Upton Heah today

So after we’d chatted for a while, and Archie had come back and said hello again, we continued on our walk with Carol and her dogs. We then met Janet with Cindy and Oakley and walked with them for a while, and eventually got home after about 2 hours. Chris was about to send out the search parties!


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