Time to go back to Badbury Rings

Tuesday 10th September 2013

It was just Max and I for our walk this morning. As it was a nice day I decided that it was about time we went back to Badbury Rings. To mark the occasion I took the Canon 6D with me.

As we followed the path that would take us north of the Rings the scenery was looking particularly fine. This is the view north west towards Hemsworth.

View towards Hemsworth

As we walked around The Oaks wood I was pleased to see that the cornflowers are still in bloom.


We walked out north along the old Roman Road in the direction of Hemsworth, and then turned left towards Lambing Cottage. I was disappointed that I couldn’t get a photo of the cottage as there were big ‘Private, No Admittance’ signs, but I got the impression close up that the cottage was nothing to shout about anyway. More of a house.

There was a sort of shed/garage though…

Who is Gabby and what does she sell?

although I don’t know who Gabby is or what she sells.

A bit further up the hill I took this photo looking back across to Bradford Farm.

View across to Bradford Farm

The farmer was working at the top of the hill, preparing the soil for autumn and the next crop.

Time to prepare the ground for the next crop

At that point I wasn’t too sure how far the circular walk back to the rings would be (and no way could I get a GPS fix on my stupid Samsung Galaxy phone), so we turned around and walked back the way we had come. So this is the view towards Lambing Cottage as we walked back down the hill.

Looking down the lane to Lambing Cottage

And the view back up towards The Oaks from opposite Lambing Cottage.

View towards The Oaks from Lambing Cottage

Going back we walked though Kings Down Farm, and I was able to walk into the middle of a field to take this shot.

Kings Down Farm

Along that part of the path there were also a lot of Large White Butterflies.

Large White Butterfly

We walked on and turned into High Woods, where the bracken is starting to turn.

The bracken is turning

And then we headed back through the centre of the Rings back to the car.

View from Badbury Rings looking west

This is a shot of the Rings from the west entrance.

Badbury Rings from the west entrance

Despite the length of our walk, Max still wanted to play as we walked to the car.

Max romps on the way back to the car

And while I was taking that photo I spotted this. I haven’t got a clue what it is / was though.

Don't ask me what it is

Finally, I stopped the car as we were driving down towards the main road from the car park, to take a photo of one of two very beautiful horses grazing in the field there, so I will leave you with that for today.

Look who was in the field next to the road into Badbury Rings


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