Landscapes and goldfinches

Saturday 14th September 2013

Oh no! I knew I’d miss it. My previous post was my 1,000th on this blog and I failed to point that fact out. I feel that’s quite an achievement. But I’m not at all sure how I have managed that many posts. I think because in the early days I used a layout whereby I used to post each photo individually, although at that time I was only posting occasionally.

So onto today, and being a Saturday we went for our normal Saturday afternoon walk on Upton Heath. And, same as last week, I drove the dogs over to make sure Jez didn’t take any detours around a housing estate. So we walked up the Roman Road to Broadstone and the viewpoint. As with everything else the Heath is changing with the seasons, and the bracken is turning a golden brown, which changes the whole appearance of the place. This shot was taken just before we got to the Viewpoint.

View across Upton Heath

As you can see, rain was threatening, although we managed our walk without getting wet.

At the top of the hill I took this panorama overlooking Arne and Poole Harbour.

View over Upton Heath

Then we came back down across the centre of the Heath. As we got near a clump of burnt and dying fir trees (from the fire in 2011) I heard lots of small birds tweeting. Turns out they were goldfinches.


They seemed to be finding seeds to eat in the cones, so perhaps the trees aren’t quite as dead as I thought.


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