Time for Jezebel’s physiotherapy

Tuesday 16th September 2013

There was a change of routine this morning as Jez’s physio appointment was in the morning, so Chris took Max out while I stayed home and got on with my chores until Rachael arrived. I doubt if Jez would have wanted a walk this morning anyway as it was a bit wet and miserable.

Now most of us would enjoy a physio appointment where we are treated with up to an hour’s massage. Not my Jezebel. No, she spends all her time trying to get away. For this reason I’ve been taking her into my small sitting room to be treated as there isn’t anywhere much she can hide (provided I close the door to her crate). Even so, this week she thought she’d try and get away by laying in the corner.

Jez tries to hide in the corner during her physio session

It didn’t work though. Rachael could still get at her.

Unfortunately for Jez Rachael can fit in the corner too

The best of it is, she really likes Rachael. She just doesn’t like being handled. We put it down to the fact that we don’t think she was handled much as a young puppy from what we can gather. That and the fact that she’s learnt as a result of her 3 major operations as a young dog that people handling her can mean pain.

Anyway, we think her physio is doing her good. She’s been much livelier of late.

PS. Sorry for the quality of the photos today. I have a feeling this Powershot might be a bit like my old Canon Ixus – not very good in low light.


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