We meet old and new friends on Canford Heath

Wednesday 18th September 2013

The day started out grey and a little bit damp, so I was surprised when Jez came for a walk this morning, particularly as Rachael had said she might be a bit sore after her physio yesterday. We had some light drizzle when we started our walk, and consequently I found a new use for a poop bag – as an emergency rain cover for my camera. They also come in useful for collecting blackberries in, collecting cones in, kneeling on to take photos when the ground is wet, and as a small bag for kitchen waste when I’m cooking. Anyway, this is a photo from fairly early on in our walk, while it was still drizzling.

Jez and Max on Canford Heath

It was still overcast when I spotted this ornamental grass that has self-seeded near Steeple Close. I was rather taken with the jazzy pattern of the seed head.

Ornamental Grass on Canford Heath

A minute later though and the sun was out – and we met up with some of our friends.

A general meet up on Canford Heath

That’s Barney, the Working Cocker Spaniel, in the front; Toby behind him, Max and then Mojo, the Golden Retriever. You can tell there has been a sudden change in the weather by the juxtaposition of the clothing and the blue skies. For some reason Jez, who is normally a very social little dog, took herself off and sat waiting for Max and I by the gate.

Jez waits by the gare

A bit further on and we met one of the rangers for the Urban Heath Partnership whom we chat to from time to time. She has a new dog, a rescue, called Maggie.

Meet Maggie

Maggie is a lovely dog, although it seems she has been mis-treated in the past. She has found a good home now thakfully. She also made friends with me very quickly once she worked out I had treats in my pocket though. The jury is still out as to what breeds might be in the mix there.

Finally, one last photo for today: the view over Poole from the Heath.

View towards Poole

As you can see, it was clouding over again.


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