It might rain – best go to Broadstone Rec

Thursday 19th September 2013

That title pretty much sums up today’s walk. Everyone I spoke to was hoping to get home before the rain – which never really materialised. It was a bit of a grey day though.

So here’s Jez and Max wandering along the top path in Broadstone Rec.

Jez and Max walking in Broadstone Rec

Sadly, although there were gardeners cutting the grass on the playing fields, the new little shrub garden has been allowed to go to weed and brambles. There is a lovely acer in it though, which should shortly be turning a lovely deep red (or is it purple – I can’t quite remember).

This acer will be turning soon

After the dogs went and said hello to the chickens, we made our way to the playing fields for a game of cone. Here’s Jez with her cone, taking a short break.

Jez takes a break from playing cone

Jez has been quite lively since she’s started her physio, which is good, so she was up for chasing the ball on the cricket pitch too.

Jez and Max playing ball on the cricket pitch

You can see Max in the background there, running after his ball, which I throw further for him.

Perhaps Jez’s physio is money well spent after all.


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