Our Saturday walk on Upton Heath

Saturday 21st September 2013

It was pretty grey and murky for our walk on Upton Heath this afternoon. But it did mean that there was some lovely ‘layering’ in the view across Hamworthy and over to Arne.

View across Upton Heath to Hamworthy and Arne

I thought our walk was going to be fairly uneventful, especially as for the first three-quarters of it we only met a couple out with their dog (twice) and a young father with his dog and child. But as we came down the hill from the viewpoint the cows were there to greet us.

We met the cows on our walk today

If you’re confused as to why I’ve said we came ‘down’ the hill and the cows are clearly ‘up’ the hill in that shot, it’s because that is a small rise after a dip, before we continue on down again.

Here’s Jez and one of the cows getting to know each other.

Getting to know you

That was just before the cow moved half an inch in Jez’s direction and she panicked and raced off.

And here’s a close up of one of the cows. I love the black feet, nose and ears.

Black feet, nose and ears

After all the excitement of the cows, Jez had to go in the boggy pond and disturb the raft spiders again.

Jez is disturbing those raft spiders again

For those of you who don’t know what raft spiders are, they are the UK’s largest native spider (their leg span is up to 3 inches) and they live in boggy pools like that one. Truth be told, though, in about 3 years of looking I’ve never actually spotted a raft spider in that particular pool.

Fortunately Jez went in the cleaner pond that Max likes to play and managed to wash herself off a bit in before I got her home.


2 thoughts on “Our Saturday walk on Upton Heath

  1. Thank you for a delightfully surprising outing today. Loved the cows! And yes, the black highlights are quite dramatic and striking. I really needed a pleasant distraction this evening and as usual, you provided it. My best to Max and Jez!

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