A bit of a misty start

Tuesday 24th September 2013

All that sun yesterday has resulted in overnight mist, although it’s still not particularly cold. I did have to wear my bodywarmer over my t-shirt for our walk this morning though. We went to the River Stour at Cowgrove. You can see it was still a bit misty in this shot.

A bit ofa mist start on the River Stour

There was no wind, however, so everything was very still and tranquil, especially as we came to the bend in the river looking down to where the dogs normally play.

A tranquil scence on the Stour

Swans and seagulls were feeding peacefully, while a heron looked on. Until, that is, a little brown dog, commonly known as Jezebel, got into the water and went to investigate.

Now where did all those other birds go?

We played there for a little while and then I took the dogs on and let the birds get back minding their own business.

In the field next to Max’s swimming spot is this oak tree. I always think it looks really nice, so thought I’d take a photo of it today. Perhaps I can take a series over time showing it in different lights and different seasons.

The mighty oak

So we walked on around and eventually came back to the playing spot in the river. This time there was a Little Egret feeding there, so I crept as close as I could to get a few shots of it.

Little Egret

Little Egret

Take aim!

At least it had some success…


… until that little brown dog could resist no longer and had to head down the river to get a closer look at the swan and the heron.

Jez tries to get a closer look at the heron and the swan

I was quite surprised that the heron seemed totally unperturbed by her presence, which enabled me to get a reasonable photo of him.


Of course, Jez wasn’t the only dog in the river: but Max was too busy chasing his cone to bother about investigating the birds. Here he is modelling his very-wet-dog look.

Wet dog alert!

It’s funny how you walk along somewhere and then suddenly spot something that you haven’t seen before, isn’t it. I’ve posted photos of the old tree stump carved into an otter in the past. Well today I spotted an old tree trunk that has been carved into the shape of two swimming fish.

Fish Carving along the R. Stour at Cowgrove

After that we headed back home, where I found this lurking in a huge web between the patio doors and the BBQ – and if you don’t like spiders look away


A new resident in our garden

Fortunately he’s gone now.


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