A sunny morning on Upton Heath

Monday 23rd September 2013

Obviously no-one has told the weather that it’s autumn. After a bit of a cold snap last week, it’s now lovely and warm again, and this morning it was nice and sunny for our walk over Upton Heath.

Bright and sunny on Upton Heath

The sweet chestnuts may be ready to drop from the trees …

Ready to drop

… and the fungi may finally be starting to push their way through the ground…

The fungi are starting to appear now

… but we also say dragonflies zooming around over the ponds, and this comma butterfly, sunning itself on a blackberry bush.

Comma Butterfly

I’ll leave you with what I think is a nice little shot of a still very green fern against a rotting log.

A splash of green

Oh dear – postscript. I’d forgotten I had another photo for you – a shot taken as we walked back along the Roman Road.

View back along the Roman Road


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