Autumn is here

Sunday 22nd September 2013

First of all an apology for the delay in posting. This has been down to problems with Adobe Lightroom 5.2. I’m starting to get really annoyed with this program for which I have paid a lot of good money. I still cannot import directly from my SD card into the program, but at least I have found an efficient work around. This time I realised that I had lost the map function, so could not put any locations on the photos I take with the Powershot (I can turn on the 6Ds inbuilt GPS for photos I take with that). I’ve spent hours trying to sort it out. Finally this morning I have resolved the problem – I just had to plug my laptop directly into my broadband hub rather than relying on wi-fi. Don’t ask me why. Once it’s found the map it works fine on wi-fi. So I’m about to play catch up.

That means it’s back to Sunday 22nd September and the first day of autumn. It was overcast, but fine and warm, so given the time of year I headed out into the garden to do some early autumn clearing up.b It wasn’t long before it was starting to look a lot better.

My garden looks a bit tidier now

Of course, once Chris had bought the dogs back from their morning walk Max had to come out and help me.

Max in the garden

It’s a serious job making sure that I don’t accidentally put my hands on some frog or other that’s just lurking in the undergrowth – LOL!

In the afternoon I took both dogs to Canford Heath for their walk. We parked in Asda and walked up the red brick path. Towards the top I spotted that one of the oaks was absolutely covered in wasp galls.

Wasp galls on oak leaves

Jez took forever to walk up the red brick path (over 45 minutes for, at most, a 15 minute walk). She was hot and bothered when we got to the top, so I let them go in the muddy pond.

Jez and Max in the muddy pond

I kept the walk reasonably short after that, but noticed on our way round that below the cloud there was a line of bright light behind the Purbeck Hills. It looked lovely and I tried to get a photo, but it didn’t really want to show up. This was the best I could do. Sadly it doesn’t do it justice.

View across to the Purbecks

Oh well, I know I have to work on my landscape photography skills. It’s on my list of things to do.


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