Autumn is coming to Canford Heath

Thursday 26th September 2013

Another misty, murky morning. For our walk today we went to Canford Heath, which is starting to put on it’s autumn clothes.

The heath is starting to put it autumn clothing on

There is still no water on the heath though. Not that that stops Max from wanting me to throw things for him at what was once the stream and at his favourite water-filled gully (now long dry).

I don't care if there's not water Mum - just throw it!

The warm damp weather is bringing the fungi out. These (which may be Russet Shanks, or they may not!) are starting to proliferate in places at the moment.

Russet Shank fungi (Collybia dryophila)

And I was quite pleased when I found this Boletus.

I think this is a brown birch boletus

I think it’s a Brown Birch Boletus, although I can’t be sure. It’s a good job I don’t go foraying for mushrooms, isn’t it?


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