A day for fungi spotting on Canford Heath

Sunday 29th September 2013

This morning was a catch-up morning for me: catching up with photos and my blog; baking; sorting out the big freezer – that sort of thing. Then this afternoon the dogs and I went to Canford Heath for our walk. We didn’t walk up the red brick path this week though, instead opting to start in Gravel Hill as we normally do during the week.

This warm, damp weather has certainly bought the fungi out. Oddly, though, I am seeing different fungi to those I normally see, and in different places. At the moment there are no fungi in my ‘normal’ fungi spots at all.

Our walk today was pretty uneventful, so the photos today are of fungi and dogs. Firstly the fungi. Oh, and when I say what I think they are, I’m afraid I’m not 100% certain (unless it’s a Fly Agaric when it’s unmistakeable). I’ve got books, apps and the internet to try and help me identify them, but most of the time it’s my best guess.

So I think this first one is a Wood Blewit, found alongside the path up Longfleet Drive.

Wood Blewit

I love the amethyst colouring.

Then we have a Boletus of some sort.


Here’s the Fly Agaric: still young and small and somewhat nibbled.

Nibbled Fly Agaric

And I’m not sure what these are. They were growing on the bank at the top of the hill on Longlfleet Drive.

Growing on the bank

And lastly, for the fungi, a little series on the path into the Heath from Gravel Hill. I think these are Roll Rim Fungi, and there are lots of them growing alongside the path.

They start off like this.

Young Roll Rim Fungi

Then they look like this…

Roll Rim Fungi

And finally, once mature and going over, they look like this…

Mature Roll Rim Fungi

And so it’s onto the dogs. As we came back through the trees, heading for the car, Jez wanted to have a bit of a sit down (as she so often does), so I threw a big cone for Max, who was soon puffed out.

Max pauses to get his breath

Jez meanwhile, just lay down and watched the world go by.

Jez chillaxing in the woods

We’ll be off to Upton Heath tomorrow for more fungi hunting.


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