A bit of a mizzly morning

Monday 30th September 2013

We had heavy, persistent mizzle this morning, with a few slightly heavier showers thrown in for good measure. I didn’t think Jez was going to come for a walk with Max and I, but she did. You can get an idea of what the weather was like from this shot across Upton Heath.

Mizzle over Upton Heath

But despite the rain our walk was fairly pleasant. We walked part way round with a lady and her two dogs. I was pleased that Max was very well behaved with the young, lively one.

There are still not very many fungi on Upton Heath, which is odd, as, up until last year, there were always loads of them. They are starting to come through under the pine trees though.

Fungi nestles under the pine needles

And I found this very colourful specimen under the hedgerow.

Nestling in the undergrowth

I always expect these brightly coloured ones to be easy to identify, but they’re not. I’m pretty sure those little white specks on the cap mean it’s a member of the Amanita family, and it’s possibly the orange version of the fly agaric, but I’m not certain. If I can find a young specimen at some point then I should be able to tell.


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