A bit of a damp morning

Wednesday 2nd October 2013

It was another morning where rain threatened, so we went to another of our rainy day haunts for our walk this morning: Broadstone Recreation Ground. It was a good choice, as not only did it rain a couple of times (fortunately when we were under the cover of trees)…

A damp morning at Broadstone Rec.

…but there were lots and lots of fungi around there too. I’m sorry if the fungi are getting a bit boring, but I love photographing them, and this month is the month in which to do it, so I go out looking for them. Their variety never ceases to amaze me. Some are beautiful, and some are just plain ugly. But they are all fascinating – to me at least!

So just after I took that last photo I found these at the side of the path. I think they may be Tricholoma sejunctum.

Fungi, Broadstone Rec.

A little futher on and it was a tree that caught my eye. I’ve called this photo ‘Pretty in Pink’.

Pretty in Pink

When we got to the little terrace near to the children’s play area I looked for the fungi as I know they grow there. I didn’t have to look very hard though as the area was absolutely smothered in them.

Think these might be Sulpher Tufts

I think the majority of them were these Sulphur Tufts (Hypholoma fasciculare).

Possibly Sulpher Tufts

And here is a very young clump.

Possibly young Sulpher Tufts

There were also these very brightly coloured fungi which I haven’t been able to identify.

Fungi, Broadstone Rec.

And one of my favourites: the Hare’s Foot Inkcap (Coprinus lagopus).

Hare's Foot inkcap

You may wonder why they are a favourite given that they look pretty drab in that photo, but just look at this mature version.

Pretty as a flower

How pretty is that?

And lastly for the fungi today, I found this slightly larger one nestling under the undergrowth.

Nestling under the undergrowth

So, on with the walk. We came out onto the playing fields and had our usual game of cone. And then as we were headed back to the woods we met this little cutie who was determined to chew / drag this stick along.

Small dog, Big Stick

Back at the cricket pitch it is time to carry out end of season repairs and maintenance on the square.

Time to repair the cricket square

Jez and Max were unphased by it all though and settled for playing ball.

Jez can't believe the length of Max's tongue

Just look at the length of that tongue!


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