Thursday 3rd October 2013

Heavy rain was forecast this morning, although when I left home it was only light. I didn’t expect Jez to come with us since she doesn’t do rain, but she decided she wanted to come, so we all set off to Upton Country Park to take advantage of the tree cover there. It wasn’t really raining enough to bother us, so in the Woodland Walk I stopped to get a better shot (hopefully) of those lovely little parasol-type fungi (I had taken the DLSR with me for the purpose). The light was so poor though I really struggled. This was the best I could do, titled ‘X marks the spot’.

X marks the spot

A little further on near the big pond I found these growing on another pile of wood chippings. My best guess is that they are wood mushrooms.

I'm guessing this is a wood mushroom

We walked on and wandered around the new little wood near Hamworthy, where I saw a few fungi, but by this time it was so dark it was almost like nighttime. I hadn’t taken the flash with me as I don’t like using a flash to photograph fungi, so I couldn’t get any decent shots of the few I found.

As we emerged from the wood and walked along the back path of the Country Park the rain started to become more persistent. Fortunately we were still under at least some cover.

Walking in the rain

When we got to the stream though it started to get much heavier. Jez was not happy.

Oh dear! Jez doesn't do heavy rain

Although the shortest route back to the car would have been to continue on the way we were walking, we were about to turn along the path next to Holes Bay and there is virtually no cover that way, so I decided to turn back. I don’t think it would have mattered whichever way I went. Tree cover or not I got drenched. The rain came on really heavy (more like a short cloudburst) and we couldn’t escape it, although Jez tried by diving under every tree and bush she could find. By the time I got back to the car my jeans were sodden and clinging to my legs. At least I’d had the foresight to take a camera bag with me though!


2 thoughts on “Drenched!

  1. That’s so funny that Jez is averse to rain! I remember a walk with my daughter where it started pouring. She was about 8. We started dancing and singing the song “Singing in the Rain.” I love your photo of the back path with both dogs, the fence posts, and the field. Beautiful.

    • Thanks Lindsay. Jez is better now with light rain, but she can’t stand the really heavy stuff. We actually have a little song for walking in light rain (yes, I make up little songs as we walk around!). This one is to the tune of The Snowman. It goes:
      “We’re walking in the rain,
      We’re splashing in the puddles that we find,
      We’re getting very wet
      But it’s better than the vet.”


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