Fungi festival and new friends at Upton Country Park

Tuesday 1st October 2013

It was threatening to rain today, so we went to Upton Country Park where at least there’s some cover and we’re never too far from the car. The fungi are really coming out now and I was able to photograph some slightly different ones, starting with this Cauliflower Fungus growing on an old tree stump in the car park.

Cauliflower Fungus

In the Woodland Walk there were tiny parasol-like fungi growing on a heap of old wood chippings.

Reaching for the skies

Looking like little parasols

Whilst the sweet chestnuts are starting to fly off the trees.

Sweet chestnuts have flown

Alongside the path I found this fungi growing, which I think is a Lepiota cristata.

Lepiota cristata

And as we walked along the back path I spotted an old ‘friend’ on a favourite perch: yes, it’s the buzzard.

The buzzard is back again

Further on round we made a new friend. This is Sibyl: she is 13 weeks old and this was her very first walk.

Sibyl on her first walk

She was such a little cutie. When I asked what she was I was told Jack Russell cross. It looks to me as though she’s crossed with a Border Terrier, doesn’t it you? She was certainly very friendly and inquisitive.

Sibyl is very inquisitive

So we walked on round back to the carpark. I had spotted these growing in a shrub bed as I drove in, so walked over to photograph them. I think they are Lepiota cristata again.

Lepiota cristata

And finally, as I walked back to the car I saw these – well, they were huge so it would have been hard to miss them. They were growing in the grass by the car park. I haven’t got a clue what they are though.

Ready to catch the rain

So, a good walk, all in all, and we didn’t get wet either, which was a bonus.


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