Friday morning at Parkstone Bay and a scrummy dessert

Friday 4th October 2013

It was bright and sunny this morning, so Jez decided to stay on the bed and catch a few rays. That meant that it was only Max and I who headed down to the Baiter and Whitecliff Park for our walk. Here’s Max raring to go once we got there.

Max at the Baiter

Despite the sunshine the skateboard park was deserted. This is a bit of an odd occurrence and there are usually some teenagers on it (don’t ask me why they’re not at school). Since we had sunshine, dark skies in the background and a deserted skateboard park, I took the opportunity to take a photo.

The skateboard park was deserted

It may have been sunny to start off with, but there was a really strong wind blowing. It was also high tide, and the waves, although not large, were slapping up against the sea wall down at the Whitecliff Park end of the bay. Max tried to get in the water but decided he didn’t like it quite so deep up against the sea wall. Here he’s keeping a watchful eye on the waves with a band of seaweed draped over his back.

Max, draped in seaweed, isn't too sure about those waves

A few yards further on and we came to the steps. That meant Max had to get off the seawall and back into the water to get round them.

He's definitely not sure about the waves slapping against the steps

As you can see, the water isn’t deep, and, as I said, the waves weren’t not large, but they were making quite a large slapping sound as they hit the steps. Max was really not sure about this strange phenomenon at all. And it took only a few seconds before he was out of there.

And he's out of there!

In fact, a split second after I took that photo he fell up the steps he was racing up them so fast! Poor boy.

Max might not have liked the effect of the strong wind, but a bit further along there were a couple of sailors making the most of it.

A good day for sailing

Eventually we got back to the Baiter where I went down to the little beach and played cone with Max in the sea.

Back home, and in the afternoon after I’d done my exercise, I thought I’d try out a new dessert recipe. I’ve been wanting to try to make a tart tatin for some time, and decided on a recipe for pear tart tatin by Gordon Ramsay. The caramel in this recipe is spiced with star anise, cinnamon and cardamon, with a dash of brandy thrown in for good measure. My only mistake was buying ready rolled puff pastry – it was too thin. Nevertheless, the tart still turned out well and was totally scrummy with some nice vanilla ice cream.

My first ever pear tart tatin

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