A day for cobwebs and spiders (and a few fungi, of course)

Monday 7 October 2013

The reason why it was so good for cobwebs this morning was that it was very misty first thing, and then the sun broke through, so all the cobwebs shone in the sunlight like sparkling jewels.

Webs after a misty start

That was taken over Upton Heath, of course, since it’s Monday morning, bin day, and so time to walk on Upton Heath. One of the things I love about walking the dogs and taking a camera with me is that it makes you very aware of the subtleties of the changing seasons. And I think it helps you to appreciate them, and their beauty more.

Here’s another, denser web for you, this time in black and white.


Of course, some of them have spiders in them. Firstly in silhouette…

Jewelled web

and then lit up by the sun.

Orb Weaver Spider

And one last spider – this one a Four Spot Orb Weaver.

Four spot orb weaver spider

Sorry to all you arachnaphobes out there. I actually don’t really like spiders myself, but like all insects I find them fascinating to photograph.

And so onto the fungi, like this one.


Or maybe the Fly Agaric, now they are finally out on the heath.

Break on through

Fly Agaric

They are back in their usual spot in the little birch copse, after a notable absence last year (which I put down to the very wet summer).

There are some nice Amanita pantharinas there too.

Amanita pantherina

Further on along the Roman Road I found these Roll Rim Fungi (Paxillus involutus).

Roll Rim Fungi

And a rather nice boletus.


My best find of the day, though, was these Amethyst Deceivers (Laccaria amethystea).

Amethyst Deceiver


4 thoughts on “A day for cobwebs and spiders (and a few fungi, of course)

    • Oops, sorry. I’ve just realised I never replied to you. I’m way behind on reading other’s blogs – everything seems to have got away from me of late – but I must go over and check it out. I managed to get some more shots of cobwebs yesterday and have just posted them. As for the fungi – well, I like them, and I hope others do, but my husband just finds them boring.

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