Now this is more like it

Tuesday 8th October 2013

I took the dogs to Upton Country Park for their walk this morning as I wanted to go somewhere that wouldn’t take us too long, since I had to take my Dad to the hospital for an eye appointment again this afternoon. The weather was a bit different today to the last time we were here (when, you may recall, we got soaked to the skin).

Firstly we have Jez in the undergrowth near the pond where she mooches around while Max chases his stick.

Jez in the shrubbery by the pond

And this view along the back path shows it was a lot better than when we were in the same spot last week.

The weather's a bit nicer today

In the field there were lots of wrapped hay bales in the sun.

Bales in the sun

It’s a shame they’re wrapped in black plastic though. They’d have look far nicer as just plain bales.

Where the bird hide was burnt to the ground earlier in the summer they have tidied up the ground and levelled it all out. I hope that means they are planning to do something there – hopefully build another bird hide.

View from the old bird hide

And so onto a few fungi shots. There are only 3 today, and I’ve left them until last as my husband tells me he’s getting bored of photos of fungi, which he’s not particularly interested in at the best of times.

They are all of these pretty little parasol like fungi. Firstly in the woodland walk.

Like a cocktail umbrella

Then all curled up near the path at the Hamworthy end of the park.


And finally, catching the rays of sunlight through the trees.

Lifting it's face to the sun

I’ll try and cut down the number of fungi photos soon – promise.


2 thoughts on “Now this is more like it

  1. I like the fungi shots, especially the last one. It is a shame they wrapped the hay bales. Can you imagine the great Impressionist artists wanting to paint plastic-wrapped bales? For some reason, this did not show up in my blog feed until today (Sunday) so it made for a nice stroll on an afternoon that’s rainy here.

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