An old walk on Canford Heath

Wednesday 9th October 2013

What with Max keep having problems limping, and Jez having stiffened up and plodding along so much, we have tended to stick to one or two fairly short walks on Canford Heath for the past 9-12 months (although Jez’s plodding and sniffing means they can take us up to 90 minutes). Today, though, as Jez seems so much better following her physio, and since the sun was shining, I thought we’d take one of our old routes. It’s not too much further – it just takes us across the centre of the Heath and back.

First of all we headed down to Hotchkiss Cross as normal, where the low autumn sun was filtering through the trees.

The path to Hotchkiss Cross in the morning sunlight

After we’d passed what is sometimes the stream, we headed up hill towards the old Coach Road across the Heath. This is the view looking back to the west.

A sunny autumn morning on Canford Heath

Here’s Jez cresting the hill. That’s the old rubbish tip you can see in the background to the right of the photo.

Jez at the top of the hill

We then turned north and headed downhill again, where I spotted the cows. Clearly, all the best grass grows underneath the bracken.

The best grass is always underneath the bracken!

Heading back towards the stream we met this little soul, whose name is Charlie. I think they said she’s about 5 months old, and she’s a Jack Russell / Shi Tsu cross. She is a bundle of energy though and just wouldn’t keep still, so this was the best shot I got of her.


A little bit further along I was surprised to come across this Common Darter Dragonfly; still out and about.

Common Darter Dragonfly

And after we crossed the stream this moth caterpillar crossed our path.

A moth caterpillar of some sort crossed our path

Well that was our walk. I hope you enjoyed it. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a couple of shots of fungi, so I will leave you with, firstly, the Fly Agaric…

Fly Agaric

And secondly the Amanita pantharina.

Amanita pantharina


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