Max is a poorly boy

Friday 11th October 2013

Poor Max – he has been a very poorly boy today. He was leaning against me as I was sitting in bed in the morning drinking my coffee, and I realised he was shivering. About half an hour later when he was lying under Chris’ desk, Chris called me to look at him as he was still shivering badly and seemed very lethargic. So I called the vet and rushed him up there. The vet said he had a really high temperature and they kept him in for tests and XRays.

So, this morning Jez and I just had a little walk around Creeekmoor Ponds, and then onto the Co-op to get some bread for lunch.

Creekmoor Ponds

As it wasn’t a very long walk today there are only a couple of other photos – of fungi I’m afraid, taken in the woods around the ponds. Firstly a Boletus…

Boletus Fungi

And then an absolutely HUGE Birch Bracket fungus – it was the size of a dinnerplate!

Large Birch Bracket Fungus

As for Max, well I bought him home in the afternoon. He was very sleepy after an anaesthetic, but they couldn’t really find anything wrong with him. He did have very high calcium levels, so they are going to monitor that. In they end they gave him Metacam to bring his temperature down, and antibiotics to help with yet another skin infection from his allergies. By 10pm when Chris took Jez for a walk he was desperate to go too, so Chris just took him out for 5 minutes.


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