Soaked Again!

Sunday 13th October 2013

Why me? That’s what I want to know. Chris didn’t get wet in the morning, but come the afternoon it was tipping down, just in time for me to walk Max (no way was Jez going out in rain like that). First, though, I spent the morning baking. I now have the right size pastry cutter, so had another go at custard tarts. Here they are waiting to go into the oven – and yes, I need to roll out the pastry a bit more thinly as I only had enough for 11 tarts!

Waiting to go in the over

And here they are when they came out of the oven.

Egg Custard Tarts

I also baked bread for lunch, and peeled and froze a bag full of windfall apples that my Dad had given me earlier in the week.

So on with our walk. We went over Canford Heath, parking in Asda and walking up the red brick path, firstly because it is more sheltered, and secondly because I wanted to get fuel at Asda after our walk.

As soon as we crossed the road and headed up towards the Heath I spotted this russula shining in the rain.

Russula in the rain

I also found something new: a tree I have walked past scores of times but had never really looked at until today when I spotted it’s fruit.

Strawberry Tree

I didn’t have a clue what they are, but they are very soft and squidgy, with a yellowish flesh. Here they are on the ground.

Fruit from the Strawberry Tree

As you can see, they’re not very big. So I looked it up later, and it turns out its a Strawberry Tree. There seems to be some difference of opinion as to whether those fruits are edible or not.

I have to say, the rain was persistent for the whole of our walk, and I would have got very wet if I hadn’t had waterproof overtrousers and a waterproof coat on. Max didn’t care though. As far as he’s concerned there’s not such thing as too wet.

The rain doesn't bother Max


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