A blustery and very wet day

Wednesday 16th October 2013

Well, a very wet morning, at least. I knew I was going to get wet. It was pretty obvious as soon as I looked out of the window in the morning. I didn’t ever try to take Jez as I knew all that would happen would be that, if I got her in the car and drove her somewhere: she wouldn’t get out the other end and I’d have to bring her home again. So I donned my waterproof gear (wellies, over-trousers and coat) and took Max to Upton Country Park. I took the camera as well, and although it was in its case I kept having to dry it off every time I took a photo. Somewhere early on in that process, whilst trying to protect it from the worst excesses of the weather, I managed to turn the ISO setting up to 6400. It meant I managed to get some photos, but they are very grainy. I’ve done my best to sort them out, but contented myself with the fact that they give a good representation of how wet and dismal it was.

So here’s Max at the start of the Woodland Walk.

It was a very wet walk for Max and I today

And a bit further on, where there’s a bit more light, running back with his stick.

Running through the leaves

And then standng waiting for me to throw it again.

Max in the Woodland Walk

Further on the rain water was collecting in the slightly hollowed-out tree stump.

Rainwater collecting in a tree stump

And I quite like this photo of a double gate system near the house – its so green it makes it look like spring.

A green scene

Max was a bit wet by the time we got back to the car.

Wet dog in the car

And as for me…

Dressed for the rain

Oddly enough the rain started to ease up as we came home, and by lunchtime the sun was shining. It was lovely when Chris took the dogs out for their afternoon walk, and for me to walk to the Broadstone and back to go to the hairdressers. At least it gave my coat a chance to dry out!


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