Sweet chestnuts for breakfast anyone?

Monday 14th October 2013

It was back to the vet first thing this morning for a check-up for Max. I was pleased to hear his temperature is back to normal, although we’ve got to go back in 2 weeks time so that they can check whether his calcium levels are still high. Meantime we had a discussion as to whether the Metacam he is on for his temperature is the reason that he has been bouncing around like a spring chicken – or even like a Springer! The arthritis in his elbow is a lot worse, so it’s possible he’s in pain now and the Metacam is helping. So we’ll see what he’s like when he finishes it, and if he slows down again we’ll put him Trocoxil longer term (which is what Jez takes).

After all that we were a bit late getting out on our Monday morning walk to Upton Heath, but at least it had warmed up a bit and we had some sunshine. As soon as we got to the Heath Max tracked down some nice juicy sweet chestnuts and proceeded to chew them up.

Max gets to grips with a sweet chestnut

How he can chew through those prickly cases I’ll never know. He enjoys the nuts inside though,

Time for a quick snack

although sometimes he just like to carry them around and play with the cases.

A little bit further on we met our friend Jasper the lurcher with his Mum, so we walked on round with them.

Jasper wants a treat

And here’s one of the 3 dogs all lined up.

Max, Jasper and Jez

While we’d stopped there for me to take some photos, our other friend Janet came along with her lurchers Cindy and Oakley, so it was a bit of a lurcher fest.

We were joined by Janet with Oakley and Cindy

And it wouldn’t be autumn unless I included at least one photo of some fungi would it? So here is todays. I’m not entirely sure what it is, but I think it’s a member of the Cycstoderma family.

Fungi, Upton Heath


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