A bit of a black and white sort of a day

Friday 18th October 2013

Well I’ve subscribed to a magazine on Black and White photography, so I’m feeling inspired. But first a bit about today. It’s Friday, so of course we went down to the Baiter and Whitecliff Park in Poole. Jez’s vet is giving a talk on arthritis in dogs, and he asked me if I could take some more, post physio, video of her. He has some I took in August for her half-yearly check-up, and he’d like to include the before and after in his talk. Of course, since he asked Jez has not come out with me, so today was the first chance I had to get some video of her, which wasn’t helped by a full SD card in the camera. So between deleting old photos and trying to get decent video of Jez trotting around, I didn’t find too much time for photos.

We made a new friend though (and this is a colour photo, you’ll be pleased to hear). Meet Alfie, a 13 week old Jack Russell. Alfie did not want to keep still, and he definitely did not want to keep still and look at the camera, all at the same time!

Meet Alfie

And here’s the only other photo from today that I’ve left in colour: Turnstones and Crows at the waters edge in Parkstone Bay. Yes, I know it looks black ad white again, but it isn’t. You might be able to make out the orange on the Turnstones’ legs.

At the water's edge

And so onto the black and whites. Here’s a view across the Bay.

Parkstone Bay in Black and White

And more turnstones on a moored dinghy.

Watery perch

Seaweek in the rocks.

Growing in the rocks

And a tree that has lost all of its leaves already, down at the Baiter.


And my favourite of the lot which I’ve called “Riding By”:

Riding by

Oh, I tell a lie. There is one more colour photo. For dessert tonight I tried making a steamed chocolate sponge pudding. It’s a Jamie Oliver recipe and was totally scrummy.

Chocolate Sponge Pudding


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