Guess what the weather was doing today

Tuesday 22nd October 2013

Yes – it was raining. Well, it was raining up until about 10.30am, when it started to clear. And then in the afternoon we had sunshine up until about 5.30pm when we had a huge thunderstorm and lots more rain. So, raining in the morning meant Jez walked to the front door, looked out, and then walked back inside again. That meant that it was just Max and I went to Upton Country Park this morning. It may not have been particularly pleasant weather for me, but it seems it was great weather for ducks (and Max).

Nice weather for ducks ... and Max

As we left the carpark we met an elderly gentleman we chat to sometimes, with his dog, so walked a short way with him. We were discussing sweet chestnuts as we wandered through the Woodland Walk, and he said that one of the trees was producing particularly nice chestnuts this year and that he’d picked up quite a few yesterday, so we both went off foraging. Here he is with his dog.

Gathering Sweet Chestnuts

Max, of course, was in sweet chestnut heaven, while I picked up quite a lot for Chris who likes them. The only problem is Chris doesn’t quite believe that I’ve picked up sweet chestnuts (as opposed to horse chestnuts, the casing of which are completely different) and that I’m not going to poison him.

Even though it’s raining, its surprising the number of things you can find to photograph if you look. Like this shining, wet sycamore leaf, for example.

Sycamore Leaf in the rain

In the woods near Hamworthy, which I have discovered are called Grove Woods, I found this really nice, ruffled looking fungus growing.

Ruffled fungi

And do you remember that slightly hollowed out tree stump that was collecting water? Well this is it today, with me reflected in it.


Further on, the rain had stopped, but the stream was flooded, which Max seemed to find very confusing (although I don’t know why as he’s seen it flooded loads of times in the past).

Max is confused by the flooded stream

By the time we got round to the board walk the sun was starting to peek through the clouds and was lighting up the reed beds.

Reedbeds at High Tide

As you can see, the tide was really high this morning. This shot is taken from the other end of the board walk, looking north east.

Reed Beds

On round the front of the house, the leaves are finally starting to turn on the trees, providing some autumn colour.

Autumn colout

Apparently this process is running some 2 weeks late this year.

The front lawn in Autumn

Once back home I had a quick bite of lunch, then had to take Jez for a physio appointment. We are seeing Rachael up at the vets now, and on the whole Jez seems to be enjoying it more. She’s certainly moving a lot more freely, and her vet is going to use the video of her I took recently in a talk he is giving next week which includes a section on arthritis in dogs. I’d taken my iPad with me to Jez’s appointment so that I could show the video to Rachael, so while I was there I took the opportunity to get a photo (this one is slightly better than my last attempt to photograph Jez receiving her massage).

Jez getting her massage from Rachael

I’m quite impressed with the quality of the photo. Perhaps I should take them on the iPad more often!


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