Keeps raining all the time

Monday 21st October 2013

Yes, it was raining again this morning, although not heavily enough to prevent Jez from joining Max and I on our walk which, once again, took us to Upton Heath. Given the miserable weather and drizzly rain there wasn’t too much to photograph, so there are only two photos today, one of which isn’t very good I’m afraid. But I quite like the first one. We caught up with this lady and her two ex-racing greyhounds on the old railway line. I’ve called the photo “Matching coats”.

Matching coats

In fact they weren’t actually matching (her’s was pink and the dogs’ were red), but they looked it through the rain from a distance. And when I processed the photo I had to laugh – can you see Jez’s head poking as she peers under the greyhounds tummy to look for me?

We walked on round with the lady, and at one point came across the Exmoor ponies: sodden but not seeming to care as usual.

Damp Exmoor

As I said, sorry that’s not a great photo. It looks as though I’m going to be struggling for some time to find moments when I can take photos that don’t involve rain. The forecast is for rain at some point every day fr the next couple of weeks.


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