It’s Friday, but it’s not The Baiter

Friday 26th October 2013

Often on a Friday I take the dogs down to The Baiter and Whitecliff Park (Parkstone Bay) for their morning walk, but I decided against it today. After we went last week Max was scratching a lot more than usual, and I wondered whether the salt water was drying his skin out. He is particularly bad at the moment. He always seems worse at this time of the year, which we think may be down to mites in the fallen leaves, but we’re not sure. Yesterday afternoon, though, I had to ring his vet, as he has another large blood blister / haemorrhage, this time between his legs, and I have a horrible feeling he has another bacterial infection.

So for our walk today we went to Broadstone Recreation ground, which, from the point of view of Max’s allergies, appears to be one of the safer places to go. It was a grey and dismal morning so it suited a walk around Broadstone Rec. And it’s still surprisingly warm for the time of year. Although it was 10C when we got there, just over an hour later when we left the temperature had risen to 17C.

As it was overcast, there are only three photos from our walk today. The first is of the angel on the war memorial (which, for those of you who are new to this blog, I love) framed by the autumn leaves.

Angel under the Autumn leaves

As I remarked upon yesterday, many of the trees are still green, with only some of their leaves having turned. But I did manage to catch Max in this little moment among the autumn leaves.

Max in an autumnal mood

And finally, there are still quite a lot of fungi around on the terrace by the play area. But what surprised me was these fungi, on the top terrace, which were the size of small side plates.

There were some really large fungi on the terrace

We managed to stay dry for our walk. The dogs were disappointed that the chickens were still couped up, but they enjoyed a game of cone on the playing fields, and then a game of ball on the cricket pitch.

I checked Max over later in the evening when I bathed his sore bits (on his chest) in salt water. On the vet’s advice I’m also putting a hot poltice on his blood blister, which seems to be getting smaller. What worried me, though, was that the area around the blood blister looks a lot worse, and I don’t like the look of the area around his tummy button either. If it’s still bad in the morning I’ll have to move his appointment with the vet forward (he’s due to see him Monday).


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