Chocks Away!

Sunday 27th October 2013

Today was another one of those Sundays which was supposed to be relaxed and wasn’t. I had planned to finish listing what I had in the freezer in the kitchen, but it was so badly frosted I had to stop and defrost it first.

The wind is still building in anticipation of the coming storm and the forecast was for heavy rain from mid-afternoon onwards, so I tried to take the dogs out fairly early. I can confirm that it was pretty windy, although you wouldn’t know it from this photo of Max standing in the pond near Steeple Close.

Not rain yet, so an opportunity to play in the pond

A little bit further on and Max was starting to realise the problems caused by having large flappy ears in high winds.

Wind's getting up - watch those ears Max

We climbed the hill, and looking back over Poole you could see the storm clouds gathering.

Storm clouds are gathering

On top of the heath it was really blowing, and by this time Max was in danger of taking off in the high winds.

Flaps away!

We continued on round though. and managed to finish our walk in the dry. Jez was really pleased about that! Before we got back to the car though, I spotted this tiny, brightly coloured fungus, which I think might be a wax cap of some sort, at the side of the path.

Tiny wax caps

I’m glad we went out early. We had a nice walk, despite the clouds, and not too long after we got home the rain started – and boy did it rain!


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