It’s getting a bit breezy

Saturday 27th October 2013

There’s a storm heading out way. We’re supposed to get the worst of it Sunday night / Monday morning, but the wind is already getting up. For Max, Jez and I it was time for our normal Saturday afternoon walk on Upton Heath. Jez had chosen to stay in bed in the morning, so I was keen to get her out for a decent walk.

We walked up the Roman Road, and it was pretty wet underfoot after all of the recent rain. But when we turned onto the Heath we felt the full force of the wind. It was quite overcast too, but at least it’s not cold.

Upton Heath

There is a lot more water around on the Heath at well, which keeps Max happy.

Max is happy now the gullies to catch the run-off have water in them

Although why he chose to stand on three legs I’m not too sure.

Posing on three legs

And after the water-filled gullies we had to go to the pond.

Back at the pond

As Jez hadn’t had a walk in the morning I took the slightly longer route back to the car: across the lower heath and then along the Roman Road. When we got onto the lower heath we saw a couple of Landrovers belonging to the Dorset Wildlife Trust. Jez had to go and explore so I followed her over and met Andy and Nigel, the two wardens. They had been supervising a work party from JP Morgan and were just packing up.

The wardens from Dorset Wildlife Trust had been supervising a working party on the heath

As you can see the sun had come out by this time and it had turned into a lovely, but blustery, afternoon.

Sun ahead of the coming storm

Max continued on his quest for water and cone-throwing opportunities, so was pleased to find this big puddle.

Another puddle, another cone-throwing opportunity

And finally, a shot of the two dogs on the little bridge as we head back to the Roman Road.

Oh, and if you are wondering about Max, well he was a lot better this morning, so I decided he could wait until his Monday appointment to see the vet. I just don’t understand how one minute his skin can be so bad and then 12 hours later it can be almost back to normal.


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