Out on Canford Heath

Tuesday 29th October 2013

We have sunshine. So that means that Jez is lying on the bed soaking up the rays and refusing to come out for her morning walk. So as it was just Max and I, and as half of the Gravel Hill car park has been taken over by Wessex Water who have dumped loads of stuff for their sewer works there, we parked in Asda and walked up the Redbrick Path to Canford Heath. There was a bit of an obstacle along the way.

Tree down across the Redbrick Path

Once we got onto the Heath and into the sunshine it was really warm, and I had to take my waterproof off and carry it.

A sunny day on Canford Heath

Max was happily going from puddle to puddle, discovering that all of his little pools of water are back and expecting me to be able to throw a cone for him in a patch of water that’s about 3 feet round.

Anothe day, another puddle

We had a lovely walk…

Max waits for me to catch up

And I followed a little path a few yards into the heath to get a slightly different panorama shot.

Canford Heath Panorama

In the afternoon we had a phone call from the vet with the results of Max’s blood tests. His calcium levels are still too high, which is worrying, so they will have to try and find the underlying cause. The vet is concerned in case it is cancer, so on Friday he is going in for more XRays, an ultrasound scan and further blood tests. We are obviously hoping the cause is something much less serious.

In the evening I went to a talk given by the the vet practice (Lynwood Vets), on arthritis in dogs, the perils of adders & ticks, and a strange disease that has been identified this year, Acute Kidney Infection. It was all really interesting, and the talk on arthritis convinced me that I really must try and get Max’s weight down again. It also featured video I’d taken of Jezebel. And what was especially nice was that I bumped into two old work colleagues whom I hadn’t seen for quite a few years. It was lovely to see them and have a catch up.


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