A post of sunshine and fallen trees

Wednesday 30th October 2013

This morning the sun was up and shining, so me and the dogs went to Upton Country Park for our walk. As it is school half term the car park was already really busy when we got there, but there were still some spaces left. I knew from their Facebook page that there was some storm damage in the park, and it soon became obvious once we entered the Woodland Walk.

This was the first tree down…

Fallen Tree in the Woodland Walk

and this the second.

Fallen Tree in the Woodland Walk

We didn’t see any other trees down, although a large branch had come off the big oak tree in front of the house.

A large branch has come off the oak

Other than that the walk was fairly uneventful, although Jez decided that she didn’t want to walk around Grove Woods today. Here she is heading along the path towards Hamworthy.

Jez wanders up the path

When we got back to the car park it was full to bursting. I stopped to take a photo of the dogs laying in the sun in the back of the car though.

Chilaxing in the car at the end of their walk


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