Guy Fawkes Night

Tuesday 5th November 2013

I didn’t get a walk today. I had to take my Dad to the eye clinic at the hospital again this afternoon, so I let Chris take the dogs out in the morning since he and they wouldn’t get a walk in the afternoon. Meanwhile I did the cleaning. The hospital visit went ok, and on the way home I stopped off at Castlepoint and did some shopping.

So the day was ok, but we knew that the evening wasn’t going to be too good. Jez hates fireworks. When she hears them she races round the house barking for all she’s worth, and doesn’t stop. Poor little soul works herself up into such a state. We do what we can for her. She has 20mg of Diazapam as dusk falls; I put on her Thundershirt to help calm her, and we play music or turn the TV up loud. This year I’ve discovered that classical music seems to work best. And we’ve had a few nights to find out as we’ve had fireworks most nights since last Thursday.

Actually tonight wasn’t too bad after all. Most of the fireworks seemed to be over by about 8.30pm and she was able to settle down a bit. Here she is in her Thundershirt with her peanut butter, trying to stay calm.

Jez in her thrundershirt with her peanut butter

Max on the other hand, isn’t particularly bothered. He will occasionally bark, but we think that’s more in response to Jez. He even still goes out for his evening walk. Most of the time, though, he just snoozes.

Max isn't bothered by the fireworks

Oh, and please excuse the dirty mark on the wall. That’s Max’s favourite spot and where he rubs up against the wall he makes it filthy.


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