Poor Max is back at the vet

Wednesday 6th November 2013

Since Max had his tests I have been bathing his chest in salt water twice a day. It was very red and inflamed and I’m guessing that he scratched quite a lot at the vets, especially as his chest was shaved to facilitate the ultrasound scan. On Monday night though I really didn’t like the look of it and thought it looked like he had another nasty skin infection. It was still the same yesterday morning Chris took him to the vet. He’s back on stronger antibiotics, but the vet suggested we get him a leather collar. So today, on Canford Heath, Max was sporting a smart, new leather collar.

Max shows off his new leather collar

So, yes, we went to Canford Heath for our walk this morning. Jez came too and was full of the joys of spring – trotting of ahead of us most of the way round. I suspect the fact that she had her monthly osteoarthritis medication on Sunday had something to do with it. It was grey and overcast for our walk. I took this photo as I noticed that the tide was really high in Poole Harbour (there have been flood warnings out for the area around the harbour the past few days), but sadly you can’t make it out in this photo.

Canford Heath

The heath is starting to get quite an autumnal look now. Here’s Max heading up Longfleet Drive towards Hotchkiss Cross (Jez is that little speck in the distance).

Longfleet Drive is starting to look really autumnal now

And one more photo from today: this one in black and white. I have two favourite trees on the heath that I love to photograph. This Scots Pine is one of them. I’m really pleased with the result.

Scots Pine

I hope you like it as much as I do.


4 thoughts on “Poor Max is back at the vet

  1. Hope Max is doing ok. Did you get the test results back. Finney has bad skin which we have struggled to control for years. This year has been particularly bad and he has had a couple of weeks of anti biotics and Malocep shampoo now twice a week as his stitches have come out. Vet thought it worth testing for under active thyroid as he also has an exceptionally low pulse rate but came back negative yesterday. The anti biotics are working well but not idea what the underlying cause is. We did change his collar a few years ago to a round ruffwear one as he was red raw underneath his neck. We also leave it off now other than when we go out. That made a difference. Still, he had his first run out today which was great.

    • Poor old Max seems to have all sorts of problems. He’s had an operation this morning to remove a thyroid gland, as he had a very large parathyroid on one side which was causing him to absorb far too much calcium into his blood. This is most probably why he drinks so much. But the blood tests from the lab also showed symptoms of malignancy in that he had a high Parathyroid related protein. Given that his parathyroid hormone level was high, though, this should have been low, so the vet and the lab are confused. We all agreed the best thing would be to remove the offending thyroid gland (which we saw from his ultra sound) and then see what happens to his calcium levels. I’m not sure if they are going to re-test the parathyroid related protein though.
      As for his allergies, this is an ongoing struggle. He’s had allergy tests which show allergies to grasses, trees and mites, and for the past 7 months or so he’s been having immuno-therapy injections. To be honest they don’t seem to have done much good though. He, too, has been particularly bad this year and is just finishing 3 weeks worth of antibiotics (he also had some in September, plus a steriod injection). But the vet is going to sort out the more serious health issues first, and then we’ll come back to the allergies. After that we will more on to his rapidly worsening arthritis. Poor little dog is only 5 years old.
      As for Finney, I hope he’s feeling a bit better. I missed what his operation was for though.

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