Lots of water at Upton Country Park

Thursday 7th November 2013

It is still pretty wet out, although at least it’s not raining. And seeing as it’s not raining and the sun isn’t shining, Jez decided to grace us with her presence on our walk to Upton Country Park this morning. It may not have been raining, but it was a pretty grey and miserable day. I am still really surprised how green most of the trees are though. In the Woodland Walk the green of those trees still with their leaves stood in stark contrast to the leaves on the ground that have already fallen.

Autumn in the Woodland Walk

Along at the stream Max had a bit of a surprise as it is really swollen and flooded today. He actually had to swim to retrieve his stick.

Max in the flooded stream

In that photo he’s standing with his back legs in the deeper water and his front legs resting on the side of what is normally the bank.

We are still on spring high tides too, which will have increased the level of water in the stream. It certainly meant there was a lot of water in Upton Lake, at the head of Holes Bay.

Upton Lake from the old bird hide

And the forecast is for even more rain overnight and tomorrow.


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