Still lots of fungi around

Saturday 9th November 2013

For once I got the best of the weather today. It was raining for Chris and Max’s walk in the morning (no way was Jez going), but by the time I got to take the dogs over Upton Heath in the afternoon it had stopped, although the skies were still very grey and it was sodden underfoot.

We started off as usual on a Saturday, heading through the woods alongside the Roman Road, when I thought I’d get a photo of some nice bracket fungi I’d noticed there. So I got the camera out, only to find it had no memory card in it! Consequently, all of the photos today were taken with my Samsung Galaxy phone. The results are perfectly acceptable though. So here are those bracket fungi.

Bracket fungus

Further up on the heath I found a different type of bracket fungus growing, this time on the old, burnt trunks of silver birch trees. They are obviously on a mission to completely take over the trunk.

Bracket Fungus covering a burnt trunk

And the last of the fungi photos for today, but a new one for this blog, is a fungus known as Witch’s Butter (or Orange Jelly fungus).

Witches Butter (Orange Jelly Fungus)

As I said, we had grey skies overhead today. This was the view looking across the heath towards Poole Harbour and Arne.

Grey skies over Upton Heath

And finally, down on the lower heath, evidence of all the rain we have had.

Reflected Tree

I’ve been talking about fireworks recently, due to their effect on Jez. Last night I gave her her Diazapam and there were hardly any fireworks. She had a very restless night however and kept waking me up. So tonight I thought I could leave off the Diazapam. Mistake! There were loads of fireworks all around us tonight and the poor little soul got very upset. We’ll be really glad when everyone has finished having their parties for 5th Novvember.


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