A bit of a wet one

Monday 11th November 2013

There was a bit of a change in our routine this morning as I had to go to Poole Hospital for a routine mammogram. So Chris took the dogs out in the morning. Despite the fact that it was raining, the ‘Bin day today’ song got Jez out of bed and worked up to a sufficient state for her to join Chris and Max.

It was still raining, although not heavily, when I had to go to the hospital. Rather than try and find a space in the ever-full, very expensive hospital carpark, I parked in Poole Park and walked. It only takes a few minutes as the unit I was going to is at the back of the hospital, close to the park. I didn’t have any problems parking there – there weren’t exactly a lot of people around.

The crazy golf is deserted

And only the seagulls, ducks and swans were interested in enjoying the facilities provided by the boating lake.

Only the birds are on the boating lake today

Jez chose not to come with Max and I when we went to Canford Heath in the afternoon. I think she’d got sufficiently wet for one day. The rain had an interesting effect on the Scots Pine bark, however. It turned the large flakes a beautiful mahogany red.

Rain soaked

And here are some more at the base of the tree, together with a squirrel-chewed pine cone and a small fungus.

Bark Flakes

Down along Longfleet Drive a combination of the wet bark and the light drew my attention of an old silver birch, whose bark is really old and gnarly.


And lastly, it’s that tree again, this time taken from the north looking south.

Its that tree again

Hopefully that’s the rain out of the way for the week now.


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