Sunshine and Autumn Leaves on Upton Heath

Tuesday 12th November 2013

It was a beautiful sunny morning this morning, and now way was Jez getting off her sunny spot on the bed to come for a walk. So today Max and I went over Upton Heath for our normal Saturday afternoon walk. This is the walk that takes us up the Roman Road to Broadstone, and then onto the Heath up to the viewpoint, before coming back down across the heath to meet up with our normal, shorter circuit.

Often I try taking photos of the old railway bridge over the Roman Road if the light looks interesting. I did that today, but wasn’t too impressed with the resulting photo. After I’d walked under the bridge I decided to look back, though, and was glad I did.

Old railway bridge

As I said, it was a beautiful morning, and it was nice to be able to photograph this part of the heath in the morning, rather than the afternoon, light.

A beautiful morning on Upton Heath

And here is the path heading up towards the Viewpoint.

The path up to the Viewpoint from the Roman Road

Back down on the lower heath, the leaves on the silver birch trees are really starting to turn and fall now.

The silver birch copse in autumn

And here’s that big silver birch from the other side, lit up by the sun.

Silver Birch

We walked back along the Roman Road, and here the sun was shining on the beech leaves, which looked beautiful.

Beech leaves

And lastly, onto Max – seen here standing in the stream along the Roman Road.

Max in the stream

Just after lunch I took Jez to the physiotherapy, and while I was there asked the vet if the results from Max’s blood tests are back yet. They were, but they are very confusing (not only is the vet confused, but the lab was confused as well). The tests confirmed that the level of the Parathyroid Hormone, which controls absorption of calcium into the bloodstream, is too high. We were expecting this as we know he has an enlarged Parathyroid gland which we believe is causing the problem. However, his Parathyroid related protein levels, are high. These are an indicator of malignancy being the cause of the high calcium levels, and with the high parathyroid hormone level they should have been low. But they’re not. So the upshot is we’re still not exactly sure what the problem is, although we do know he has an enlarged parathyroid gland. So on Monday 25th November he will go in for surgery to have that removed. Then we’ll wait and see what happens to the levels of calcium in his blood, which should drop to normal in about a week. However, with the high PTHrP level, cancer still can’t be ruled out. Meanwhile he’s getting just a little bit spoilt.


2 thoughts on “Sunshine and Autumn Leaves on Upton Heath

  1. It always surprises me how the same tree can look completely different from one side as it does from the other, all due to the way the sun “electrifies” the colors!

    • It can make a huge difference Julia. It’s always worth wandering around to see what things look like from a different viewpoint. As for trees, the very old oak we found down near the river at Cowgrove seems to keep giving up little secrets depending on the light or the angle you look at it from. That’s the tree where I kept finding all the different faces.

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