Sunshine and a brisk breeze at Ham Common

Thursday 14th November 2013

Max and I went to Ham Common and Hamworthy beach for our walk today.

Max and I went to the beach at Hamworthy today

It was lovely and sunny again, so Miss Jezebel stayed in bed in the sun. Max and I had a lovely walk though, although there was a really stiff breeze blowing on the beach, and at the lake we nearly got blown away.

The tide was just out enough today for us to walk all the way to the second set of steps up from the beach to the cliff top near Rockley Park. This is the section that was subject to some landslip last Winter. Whereas the main beach is sandy / muddy, this end is rocky, with lumps of clay in places (ball clay had been mined here from Roman times until, I think, the 1960s).

Rocks on the beach

We walked up the steps and then back along the clifftop to Ham Common lake where Max had a nice swim. Then it was back down to the beach again. When we got near the pier we saw that the local canoe club was planning an outing.

Canoeing Club

And on the far side of the pier I loved the patterns in the sand made by the retreating tide.

Ripples in the sand

Finally we had a wander along the pier itself – which was a bit of a mistake as it was really blowing once you left the beach.

Hamworthy Pier

Poor Max, though. All that chasing cones through the sea as we walked along the beach took it’s toll on his arthritic elbow, and by the evening he could hardly put it on the ground. A gentle walk for him tomorrow, I think.

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