Sunshine and Autumn Leaves on Canford Heath

Wednesday 13th November 2013

Another bright sunny day has dawned – so Jez is sleeping in again! Today Max and I went to Canford Heath – only just though. We had the last parking space at Gravel Hill since Wessex Water are still taking up half of the parking there. I don’t know why the council allow it. They just seem to have dumped there stuff, fenced it off, and are working at the bottom of the hill. Meanwhile there’s not much parking left in a parking space that is already too small.

Anyway, on with our walk, and back in the pond.

A sunny morning on Canford Heath

Unlike Upton Heath, on the top of Canford Heath some of the silver birch trees have lost their leaves completely.


While other trees close by are still hanging onto a few.

Heading towards the stream

Coming back down to Longfleet Drive and heading towards Hotchkiss Cross, the sun looked lovely shining through the trees and onto the bracken, although sadly this photo doesn’t do it justice.

Sunlight and shadows at Hotchkiss

Back home and I started a last clear up of the garden before the council stop collecting the garden waste for the winter. Although why they stop in mid-November I don’t know. Obviously no-one ever bothered to take notice of the time that all the oak leaves fall from the trees. If they had they would know we need collections right up until Christmas. We have to pay extra for the service as it is, so an extra couple of pounds to collect for another month wouldn’t be a problem.

Oops – sorry. Seems like I’m having a bit of a moan today.

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