A Saturday afternoon walk means Upton Heath

Saturday 16th November 2013

It was lovely and sunny this morning while Chris took the dogs out and I cleaned. Sadly, by the time I came to take them out in the afternoon it had clouded over and was a bit cold and miserable.

The heath today

But at least I had my new snuggly hat to keep my ears warm.

Once again the light was right to create lovely layers in the landscape looking across Hamworthy towards Arne. Sadly, with just my small, handheld camera I can’t really do it justice.

Hamworthy and Arne

It’s a shame that the electricity pylons and wires always spoil views of the heath too.

Before we got that far we had wandered up the Roman Road, where I had another look at the bridge. Today I noticed that at some point something has been painted on the bridge. I tried to get a decent photograph of it, and what I ended up with is ok, but I actually think it would be better if I focused in more on one or two bricks in order to get more of the texture. Anyway, this is the photo I took today.

Remains of painton the old railway bridge

And lastly, some more of those autumn leaves for you, this time on the ground.

Fallen Leaves

I rather like that photo.

I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to post again for a few days as I’m going away and won’t have internet access most of the time. I will have the cameras with me, though, and will start to catch up again next weekend when I’m back.


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