Cold and Very Wet

Wednesday 20th November 2013

It was pretty grey and miserable when we woke up this morning, and there were intermittent showers of rain. If I had slept upstairs the noise of the rain on the roof would have kept waking me. As it was I’d swapped with Chris and was sleeping downstairs, so had a much better night’s sleep. Since the weather was not great I suggested we go to the Country Park at Seaton. While chatting with the Ranger about this I found out that there was a boardwalk all along the river valley up from Seaton, so this seemed like a good idea. Apparently there’s even a pub the other end.

So we drove to Seaton. When we got to the road to turn down to the little coastal village though there was a big Road Closed sign, although it did say access was permitted for residents and businesses, so we decided to give it a go. Driving down we could see why the road was closed: at one point a large chunk of it had slipped away into the valley. But we were able to get through to Seaton and it looked as though the closed part of the road was after the village where it headed up over the cliff.

We parked in the large, deserted, carpark but, having seen how wet the boardwalk walk was, decided to give the Country Park a miss. Instead we headed for the beach, which was fine by the dogs. It wasn’t quite so fine by us though, as it was blowing a gale on the beach, and after a few minutes started to rain heavily. To say it was cold and bleak would be a bit of an understatement.

A bleak scene on Seaton beach

Along with another dog walker we struggled manfully on though, and, in between trying to protect my camera by wrapping it in a dog poop bag (!), I managed to get one or two photos.

Here a cormorant sits on a distant rock.

Rocky beach

And this one shows the sky reflected in the wet sand.

Reflections on the sand

Max, of course, was a happy dog.

Max with his ball

But Jez really doesn’t do heavy rain and before long was heading back, purposefully and very rapidly to the car. Before she took off I did manage to get a shot of her, Chris and Max.

Soaked and cold on Seaton beach

After that we couldn’t get back to the car quick enough. By the time we got there we were both soaked to the skin and freezing cold. At least the heater kept us warm on the way home, although I had to get out in Looe to go and get some bread for lunch.

We didn’t do too much in the afternoon: just took the dogs for a short walk round the camp after we’d all had some lunch and warmed up. They were getting so excited every time we went out, though, that they didn’t need too long a walk to tire them out. Tired, happy dogs is definitely what we want.


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