In which we go on a history walk and try to find a beach to walk on

Thursday 21st November 2013

It’s our last full day at Deerpark Forest Holidays, but at least the sun is shining, although it’s still a bit chilly. This morning we have booked to go on the 2 hour History Talk / Walk around the site. The history bit is that they used to manufacture gunpowder here in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The talk is being given by one of the Rangers, and as no-one else has booked to go that means it’s just him, his two bearded collies, us, plus Jez and Max. So a dog walk with a bit of history thrown in.

Here I am with the dogs setting off from the cabin.

Max, Jez and I at Deerpark

And this (the building to the left) is what is known as the Retreat (the office come shop come cafe for the site).

Path the The Retreat

It’s close by the old Mill Pond.

Mill Pond and Cabins

That wasn’t a flour mill, by the way, but the mill to grind the stone to make the gunpowder. An old chimney from the mill stands in ruins near one of the cabins.

Ruined chimney from the gunpoweder works

A lot of the remains are covered in heavy undergrowth.

Part of the ruins of the old gunpowder works

Including this old water wheel.

Old water wheel from the gunpowder works

The walk was very interesting and enjoyable. The dogs were all very good. Here’s Zack, the older of the two Beardies.

Zack, the Ranger's Bearded Collie

And here’s his pup, 10 week old Juno (short for Junior), who was on his first walk.

Juno's first walk

Of course, Max had to put him in his place at one point (Max doesn’t do young pups jumping round him), but after that he settled down and ignored him.

Max lets Juno know who is boss

I love the way little Juno is looking up at Max in that shot.

After the walk it was back to the cabin for lunch, and a bit of a rest.

Looking down

Although Jez is downstairs in that photo, that wasn’t here favourite place to lie. She had her bed on the landing at the top of the stairs (that was where I took that photo from).

Jez liked her bed on the little landing

After our rest we thought we’d take the dogs down to one of the nearby beaches. I planned to go to Polperro, as not only would there be beach, but there would be a quaint little fishing village for me to photograph. So we drove there and headed for what appeared to be the only carpark. Then I saw how much they wanted to park. We were planning to stay about an hour, but the minimum parking was £4 for 3 hours – out of season!!! Someone’s got to be having a laugh. I couldn’t believe one or two people had actually parked there (it was only one or two, mind you). So Polperro, we didn’t get to see you; you didn’t get any of our business; and I didn’t get to photograph you and share your delights with the world – for which you have some very greedy councillors to blame.

So instead of Polperro we went back to Talland Bay along the coast. Chris was really delighted to have to drive down a road so narrow it was barely wide enough for the car. They are building holiday apartments down there, so I dread to think what driving on that road will be like come the summer. So here’s Talland Bay – you can just make Chris out.

On the beach at Talland Bay, Cornwall

The rocks were interesting.

Rocky channel, Talland Bay, Cornwall

Here’s Max.

Max, Talland Bay, Cornwall

And Max and Jez.

Max and Jez, Talland Bay, Cornwall

And one of the sunset.

Sunset at Talland Bay, Cornwall

We’ve got to go home tomorrow, but we’re already talking about booking to come again. It has been such a relaxing break, despite the weather.


3 thoughts on “In which we go on a history walk and try to find a beach to walk on

  1. Beautiful – just beautiful imagery – this is one of my favorites of all of your blogs. You really capture the beauty of nature and that cabin looks awesome!

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